Why Manually Written Articles Offer More Value Than Software Created Ones?

5 July 2017
Manually Written Articles
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Manually written articles are preferred by millions in comparison to the ones created using software for many reasons. The biggest being the value these articles deliver to the target audience. Many believe these articles have a “soul” which software created ones lack.

With continuous improvement in search engine algorithms, emphasis now is more on the quality of content, and long meaningful content (with gently sprinkled keywords) works more efficiently than short content. Software will write mechanically without understanding much about your goals and the value you want to deliver. Also, niche keywords are inserted awkwardly in the content making it unreadable. You want better coherence, don’t you? That won’t be possible with a “machined article”.

If you really want to impress your audience with your knowledge, human created articles are the winners again. Your chosen writer understands all that you want in your article and will do everything possible to add more punch to your content, deliver your message effectively without moving around in circles. Human articles are also packed with more knowledge and include the latest SEO practices that can help you rank high on Google and other search engines. Better ranking means better visibility, and better visibility will lead to more traffic to your website, leading to better profits.

Most content generation software packages work on algorithm that can be repetitive, so the originality of articles cannot be guaranteed. In most cases, you will end up with stale content that has already been published somewhere on the web!