Why Manually Written Articles Offer More Value Than Software Created Ones?

5 July 2017
Manually Written Articles
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Software created articles have recently increased in popularity, raising many questions on their reliability and quality. Many people believe that software-generated reports offer an acceptable product, while others are strongly against the idea of robots writing content. This article will cover the ins and outs of software-generated articles and how they compare to text written by humans. 

Picture this: You arrive at work in the morning and open Gmail on your laptop. You realize your inbox has 45 new messages and spend the entire morning writing emails to send back to your coworkers. This is the main reason why automated writing software exists: to reduce time spent drafting emails at the office.

The concept has been developed to now automate the writing process for longer texts and articles. Although this may seem convenient and straightforward, algorithm-produced writing has significant drawbacks that cause many people to avoid it. These programs often create unremarkable pieces of writing with bland details and many errors.

Bot or Not: Why AI Can't Compete With Human Writers

Millions of people prefer manually written articles when compared with compositions created by a piece of software. This is mainly because of the quality and consistency these software-generated articles lack. Writing produced by humans generally has much more character, while auto-generated articles tend to be more sterile and lack soul. Needless to say, if you want a commentary to convey feeling and emotion, human-written articles are definitely the way to go. 

No Understanding of Context

Software solutions also write mechanically and don't understand the goal or purpose of the article. The point you are trying to make will often be delivered incorrectly in an analysis generated without an actual writer. The computer doesn't recognize different connotations and alternative meanings of certain words, often causing phrases to appear in the wrong spots.

Niche keywords, such as "organic drain cleaner," can often be inserted awkwardly and used out of place. If you are looking for clear and coherent writing, it is a good idea to stay away from machine-made articles. Manually written articles are easier to understand and convey a clear message without errors in the text.

Machines Can't Grasp Creativity

Solutions created for writing at the click of a button have no creativity and give humans a win in this category. They take all of their instructions from lines of code that specifically tells the computer what to write. On the other hand, humans go through a creative process when writing, allowing them to produce a flowing and dynamic article. Most machine software requires an input text and paraphrases it to create a new article. In many circumstances, a computer simply cannot reproduce the original and creative composition humans are capable of. 

Using Manually Written Articles to Make a Statement

Manually created articles are the best option if you are looking to impress an audience with your knowledge. Human writers will understand the point you are trying to make and flawlessly translate that into the final product. They can also add more punch to the article and deliver your message just how you envisioned it.

On the other hand, computer software does not comprehend the tone of a text or how you plan to use it. It can't produce the most precise and conscientious text and often ends up writing in circles around the main point. The bottom line is that humans can create a much more versatile product, while computers will produce a cookie-cutter text.

Final Thoughts

Content generation software works based on algorithms that are often repetitive and unimaginative. This lack of creativity and wit compromises your content's effectiveness and simply recycles stale content from the internet. No matter your needs, hiring a 100% human writing service like TextRoyal is the only way to ensure your written content is fresh, creative, accurate, and effective!