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The importance of professionally written product descriptions

As an entrepreneur or business owner, you probably wear a lot of hats. So, when you first start selling your products or services, it may be tempting to write a lot of the copy yourself.

We have more than 20,000 professional writers around the world Don't kid yourself into thinking you can put up some temporary copy and then jazz it up later when the money starts flowing. Today's sales environment is incredibly fierce. If you haven't given every aspect of your marketing 100% from the get-go, you're losing sales that you may never even know about. It's critical that you establish a writing tone that embodies your brand from day one.

Early visitors can make or break your business. If they like what they see, they'll buy and they'll refer. If your website earns a reputation as being incomplete or incomplete, it won't attract customers.

Start today and see results tomorrow.

Elements of an effective product description

A good product description contains several key elements. Depending on your product and your SEO approach, not all of these may apply. But you should definitely consider all of these as you develop your content strategy.

01. Item name

First, the product description should usually contain the item name. For example, if you're selling a style of jeans called Muncie Classic Stretch Jeans, then you'll want to repeat that name in your product description once or twice.

Repeating the item name is an SEO tactic that helps your product page show up on search engine results pages (SERPs). If a potential customer searches for "Muncie Classic Stretch Jeans," they'll be more likely to find your page closer to the top of the results if you've mentioned the name a few times.

Adding the item name to your description is also a way of reminding the customer what they're looking at. If they scroll down from the top of the page, where your item name is, they'll still be able to keep the item in mind as they review the other information on the page.

02. A description of the product

It sounds obvious. But some "creative" companies post product descriptions that don't describe anything tangible. While an avant-garde approach can sometimes work, you must execute it carefully.

Storytelling is hot these days. Helping the customer imagine how their life will be when they use your product appeals to their emotions. And that's the psychology of selling. You still need to describe the product itself, though—somehow.

You can weave your description of the product into the story you tell. Or you can add it as a final paragraph. Either way, be sure the customer can picture the item in their mind.

03. Product specifications

Providing product specs is necessary when you're selling online. Even if you post product photos, not all internet shoppers can see those packages or labels. They rely on the information you provide to make an informed buying decision.

You wouldn't want to buy supplements without knowing the percentages of ingredients. Apparel without knowing the size. Or appliances without knowing the technical specs. Surprisingly, some online vendors don't offer complete information about their products. In this case, many potential buyers click away. Others must waste time hunting for the information and still may give up and choose another product.

So, while the specs don't need to be part of the creative or concrete product description, they should be offered nearby. The strategy you choose is something you can discuss with your professional writer or marketing team.

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