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Word Counter: Get a Fast, Reliable Word Count Online

Welcome to the TextRoyal word counting tool! We’ve designed this tool to be a quick and easy way to get accurate statistics such as word count, sentence count, and character count. Be sure to bookmark this word counter now, so you can quickly return to it whenever you need to quickly check word count online.

What Is a Word Counter, Anyway?

As the name implies, the most basic function of a word counter is to count words. However, the benefits go beyond that simple utility. It is interesting to note that early word processing programs did not include the ability to count words at all! Instead, they simply counted lines and columns. Today, however, in addition to counting words, some word counting tools can also count sentences and total characters.

These functions can be useful in a variety of different scenarios. One example would be writing an article with a strict word limit. Another example would be using a character count tool to ensure that your text meets a minimum length requirement.

Why Is a Word Counter Necessary?

Most people often don’t even think about sentence structure when they write. The longest sentence ever recorded in written form is by Marcel Proust in his novel The Cities of the Plain, which is 948 words long! In contrast, the UK Content Design Service Manual regulated that sentences must not exceed 25 words. The Oxford Guide to Plain English suggests that sentence length should be between 15-20 words. Both of these requirements would be absurd to Proust!

There is logic in these guidelines, however because the average reader simply has difficulty comprehending long sentences. This is where a word counting tool can be extremely useful. While we’re sure that your latest masterpiece is wonderfully crafted, a second pair of virtual eyes couldn’t hurt – even just to check the numbers. Though your sentences may not be 948 words long, a 30-40 word sentence is still quite hefty. Many times, while in the writing groove, you may not realize how large some sentences can grow.

Why Use an Online Word Count Tool?

While most modern office suites have word counting features built-in, there are plenty of situations where a quick character count online is much more convenient. If you are working on a mobile device such as a phone or tablet, you may not have access to a full-featured word processor. In such cases, an online word counter can be a lifesaver.

Even when working on a desktop or laptop, there may be times when an online word counter is more practical and convenient. If you need to check your word count or character count quickly, online word counters are a simple solution that does not require extra software. This allows you to get an accurate character count on any device, at home or on the go. Our word counter combines the features of a standard word counter, an individual letter counter, and a sentence counter.

How to Use Our Word Counter

Simply start typing into the text box, and the information will be updated automatically. You may also paste the text into the box from other sources such as word processors, e-mail, or web pages to check the stats. Please note that special formatting such as bold, italic, and underline will not carry over into the word count tool.

Using our tool, words are counted in the “Total words” column. Letters, numbers, and punctuation marks are all summed in “Total characters.” Finally, complete sentences are counted in the “Total sentences” column. In this way, our word counter provides an advantage over a simple character-only counting tool (a char counter).

Another benefit is that our word counting tool runs on JavaScript. This has additional advantages over other word count online tools, in that it runs completely client-side. This means once our tool has loaded in your browser, you do not even need an active internet connection to use its features. Simply ensure that your browser’s privacy and security settings are set to allow scripts, and you are all set!

We Can Help

Whether you’re writing an important business report or a letter to family and friends, our online word counter is ready to help. If you would like some additional help perfecting your prose, be sure to reach out to us. Our team of expert writers are standing by, ready to assist you.

With our tools and our friendly team of professionals behind you, your work is sure to impress. Be sure to check out TextRoyal for all of your writing needs, from articles and blog posts to SEO content and product descriptions. Don’t settle for a pauper, when you can have a Royal.