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Copyrights and Legal Items
Is the author of an article allowed to distribute an article to more than one buyer?
No, each article written and sold by the author is required to be 100% original. Additionally, each article is allowed one client. This policy is listed in the user manual that can be found online in the author’s account.
Is plagiarism of any kind allowed?

No, plagiarism is strictly prohibited. Every article is submitted into two programs to check that it is completely unique and original. We first check the articles with our company program which compares new articles to old ones. After, we utilize Copyscape to check for plagiarism against all other work found on the internet.

If you’ve plagiarized any part of your article and either one of the systems catch it. We will review the material before we give the article back to you for correction. If you wish to skip over these measures, please contact us.

If there is an issue with infringement of copyright law, the author is responsible. We promise our clients that we will assist them if they want to pursue legal action.

As the purchaser of an article, how and when do I receive copyright?

The order of an article will first need to be accepted and after that the author will be paid. As a client, you cannot receive the copyright before the article has been accepted. If you publish the article prior to it being accepted, it is considered a de facto acceptance. When articles are published the author will be paid by you, the client. However, even if the article is not published, the author will still be paid.

An author reserves the right to discontinue working at any time while writing and keeps the rights to the work done before the job was cancelled. The client is not allowed to take any of this work and publish it.

Occasionally articles are rejected by TextRoyal. In these cases, the author also keeps the rights to the articles and the client is not allowed to publish it. TextRoyal can also overturn the rejection and business proceeds as usual—the client obtains the copyright and the client is paid.

I’m writing my first order, what are some tips for doing so?

We think that the most successful order instructions include:
• A topic or subject matter
• What keyword(s) you want to target
• Density or frequency of the keyword(s)
• Audience you wish to reach
• Tone and perspective
• Style and reason for the article
• Example(s)
• Information to review for the author

Generally speaking, the more information you provide to the author, the better they will write your piece and the greater your chance of satisfaction with the product.

How long do I have to decide to accept an article?

You have exactly 72 hours to discern if the article meets your standard. Please review the article carefully, then accept or refuse it. Upon refusal, the article will be sent back for revision and review. If you do not act within the 72 hours, the article will be automatically accepted and the funds will be awarded to the author.

I am not completely satisfied with an article. What are the parameters for requesting a revision?

It’s possible to submit a request for revision if you have not yet accepted the article or the 72 hour window is still available. The authors have 24 hours to finish the requested revision.

Is there a limit to the amount of articles I send back for revision?

There is no such limit to revision requests by clients. The authors have 24 hours to complete this request. If the author does not complete the revision within the 24 hours, the original order expires. The order is then pushed back to stage one and a new author will be able to select it. The author now in charge of your order will not have access to the drafts created by the first author.

Keep in mind that revisions can considerably postpone your project. As long as you provide each author with as much information as possible, you significantly lower the odds of a revision.

Where are your writers from?
All of our writers are based in the United States. We do not choose to outsource this work to companies outside of the USA.
I need a long article written about an arguably complex subject matter. Can your writing company help me?
Of course. Not all article topics can or should be subjected to harsh 500-word limits! We offer individualized quotes for articles requiring more than 500 words. We need to determine the amount of time mandatory for proper research and writing of the topic and to make sure that we have the appropriate writer for the task.
I see that 400-word webpages sometimes cost more than 400-word articles. Why is that?
The making of a webpage is much more involved the work required for an article. Usually, the webpage necessitates much more communication with the site owner and therefore takes much more time. Additionally, web pages typically need more revisions to get to the same stage of satisfaction that an article can get on very possibly the first draft. Conversely, some longer and complicated articles can cost more than webpages because they sometimes need multiple hours of research before the writer can even begin.
Why is your writing service more expensive than that of writing companies overseas?
In the US, it’s impossible to work for just a few dollars an hour. And we have chosen not to outsource to countries where those rates are possible because we worry about running into quality issues. We have many stories of clients who turn to us after having tried a cheaper, overseas alternative. These clients prove and believe the old adage, ‘you get what you pay for.’
Why don’t you offer high-quality material for cheaper?
Please see the answer above. It requires a great deal of time and effort on the part of our writers to create high-quality materials. We want our writers to be adequately paid for that time and effort and think that under-paying the writers leads to lots of other problems such as plagiarism and low-quality work would we just as soon avoid. To maintain such high-standards and continue providing our customers with work we are all proud to showcase, we must keep higher prices.
I have content written by a cheaper writing service overseas. Is it possible to have your company revise it?
Possibly. The most important item to check on is whether or not you own the copyright to the article. After that we must determine if it is more time-effective to write a new piece entire or fix the one you’ve already got. Often, articles written from companies overseas have a lot of deep line issues with them and can be quite time-consuming to fix.
Does your company employ article-spinning software?
Finances and Payment
I would like to print my receipt. Where can I find it?
All invoices can be found in your Client Account under the ‘Receipt’ tab.
What payment options do I have with your company?
You can use all major credit cards in addition to PayPal on our user-friendly and secure interface. After you deposit the money, your TextRoyal account is automatically credited. You can see all of the details concerning payments in your Client Account. Click the ‘Deposit Money’ tab which will show you a variety of options including auto-replenishing your account when the balance is low.
How long can I expect PayPal processing to take?
These transactions can take anywhere from one to 15 minutes to complete. If, by chance, the transaction does not quickly appear, PayPal may be performing a routine fraudulent check. You wouldn't have received any notification of this and your money is therefore withheld for up to 24 hours. When the check is complete and clear, fund will be available in your TextRoyal account.
Is it possible to process an order but pay for it later?
No. It is necessary for the sufficient funds be in your account when the order is placed. As soon as the order is accepted, authors need to be paid. This method also allows for the swift transfer of copyright. Ensuring that the necessary funds are in your account help the process run smoothly for both you and the writer.
Can the money deposited in the balance be refunded?
Money that is deposited in the balance can't be refunded. You can use the balance only for your orders.
Getting Started
I lost my password, now what?
Feel free to use our password retrieval link. We are not allowed to see your password, it is therefore secure for you to change it.
What sort of articles can your company write?
Thanks to our wonderful writers, TextRoyal is capable of reaching a variety of markets and styles of writing. We have written everything from press releases, to information articles, how-to articles, blog posts and white papers. We reserve the right to refuse orders which request the advocacy of illegal behavior and activity.
What are the meanings of the quality levels?

Our quality levels are the lowest minimum standard regarding the writing capabilities of each individual author. Our team determines, based on a writing sample provided by the writer in addition to every article completed with our company, the quality level of our writers. This method ensure that the quality of the writer is kept constant as they often improve throughout their tenure with us. Keep in mind that the articles are not edited or proof read before you, the client receives them unless our team has requested this additional step.

The rating is achieved by the mean score of the five most recent articles. We base our scoring on regulations of Standard Written American English and we use AP Style. There are a variety of considerations that go into each writer’s rating including keyword usage, voice, style, perspective and formatting when compared to what the client wanted. This all impacts the quality level of the writer.