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Posting articles to your website is one of the top ways to boost your conversions. Our SEO article writing services feature unique, relevant content that get your page ranked on search engines and attracts new visitors. But more than that, a high-quality article will convince readers to invest in your products or services.

But before you start writing and posting articles to your site, you should understand the key differences between blogs and articles. That way, you can decide which one suits your company better. In some cases, you may want to use both.

What's the difference between a blog post and an article?

It's a good question, and some people use the two terms interchangeably. However, there are some real differences.

Characteristics of a blog post

A blog post is usually shorter and more casual in tone. Bloggers often insert opinions into their posts, and they write in their own unique voice, however unconventional it may be. In a blog, you may see selfies, emoji, incomplete sentences, and other quirky elements.

Blogs are often written and posted quickly. You won't necessarily see a professional level of editing in such posts. Not all bloggers are trained writers, so you may come across typos and unusual style choices. The language is casual and may include slang terms.

Examples of blog titles:

  • "This Foundation Changed My Life (and It'll Change Yours Too)"
  • "A Recap of the 38th Annual Antique Tractor & Steam Show"
  • "If You're Not Using Apple Products, You're Not Living"
How to identify an article

On the other hand, an article is a more traditional piece of writing. Like what you may see in a magazine or newspaper, an article is fact-based writing that's less about style and more about information. As a rule, an article is longer than a blog post and has a more formal tone.

Most articles are edited for correctness and good flow. As you read an article, you'll likely notice more advanced vocabulary and longer sentences.

Article writers tend to research their topics and provide supporting references. They may also interview subject matter experts for supporting information to add credibility to the piece.

For the most part, if you're looking to hire an article writer, you'll want somebody who has more writing experience.

Examples of article titles:

  • "How to Choose the Best Foundation for Your Complexion"
  • "A History of Tractor Pulls in America"
  • "Apple vs. Microsoft: The Ongoing Battle"

You can see how these titles, although similar to the blog titles listed above in terms of topic, have a different feel.

Let TextRoyal write your articles for you

Why waste your time on creating content when you can use your time and talents elsewhere? Let TextRoyal write your online articles for you. Whether it's short article writing, monthly article writing, or anything else, our professional article writing services are the answer.

With TextRoyal, you can choose among three per-word pricing tiers, depending on the level of quality you're looking for. Whichever tier you choose—Standard, Premium, or Enterprise—you get human-quality writing that's fully copyedited. Just submit your order online, and we'll get to work on producing your content.

If you need a large amount of content, you can take advantage of our Customer Loyalty Program, which includes volume discounts.

So, don't delay: Get your website ranked with TextRoyal article rewriting service today!

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