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What kind of writing jobs do we offer at TextRoyal?

Content Writing Jobs

The demand for content has never been higher. Work with clients from all over the world to fill their websites with engaging, fresh content from the comfort of your home!

Copywriting Jobs

Provide various brands with the edge they need to stay competitive by creating engaging marketing material that inspires and informs customers!

Technical Writer Jobs

Are you skilled at simplifying complex topics and creating instructions that are easy to understand? Work with clients on designing and developing technical documents!

Creative Writing Jobs

If you have a unique and compelling writing style, we want you! Work on all sorts of content that keeps readers interested and fires up their imagination!

Blogging Jobs

Write engaging blogs for clients around the world on all sorts of topics. Work on issues that you're passionate about and get paid!

Article Writing Jobs

Looking to put your writing skills to work? Are you good at researching, gathering information from various sources, and presenting it in an engaging way? We want you!

Travel Writer Jobs

Combine your passion for traveling with writing about your adventures in exciting exotic places, restaurants, hotspots, and your experiences along the way!

Academic Writing Jobs

Are you good at researching and expressing ideas in a focused, concise tone? Help our clients get their point across clearly and thoroughly!

Sports Writing Jobs

If you're a regular sports buff, put your knowledge to work by writing engaging and informative coverage of the latest sports events around the world!

Game Writing Jobs

The gaming industry is continuously growing and evolving. Combine your love for digital entertainment with your writing skills and cover everything from top AAA games to the latest gadgets!

Comedy Writing Jobs

Take advantage of your stellar sense of humor, creativity, and improvisation by writing! Add a dash of comedy to a wide range of works, from website copy to blogs and podcasts!

Resume Writer Jobs

Help job seekers out there find their dream jobs by tailoring each resume according to specific academic and professional experience.