Copywriting Vs. Content Writing: What Makes Them Different?

23 April 2020
Copywriting Vs. Content Writing
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Copywriting and content writing are two different arts that are often confused. Although they both involve writing, they serve different purposes and bring different results to businesses and individuals. The method used on each type of writing results in the desired outcome. Mixing up the two types of writing or confusing them in your project will lead you to choose the wrong writer and produce undesired results.

So, what exactly differentiates copywriting from content writing? Let’s dive in and see the differences in detail.

Critical Differences Between Copywriting and Content Writing

One of the significant differences between copywriting and content writing is the purpose or aim of writing. The primary purpose of copywriting is to generate sales. It is focused on selling your brand, idea, products, and services. Copywriting is advertorial writing that aims to convince customers to use what you are offering. It convinces a reader to take action, whether it is buying a product or service, downloading an app, or engaging with the brand. It is mainly what we see in copy sales, brochures, print ads, landing pages, and digital ads. Copywriting uses a conversational and interactive style of writing.

On the other hand, content writing’s primary purpose is to tell your audience about what you are offering while delivering valuable content. It is mainly used for branding. Content writing seeks to either educate, inform, or entertain to increase reader engagement. The writer needs to have an apparent reason for writing it. It focuses on editorial quality from either the brand or the publisher, and it should be good to read, listen, or watch. Therefore, when copywriting focuses on short-term goals, content writing focuses on the long-term.

Another significant difference between copywriting and content writing is the length of the writing. Copywriting is mostly short content, which aims to tell the reader why they should make a purchase or take a particular action. The aim of copywriting is to grab your attention and draw you to a brand’s products and services. On the contrary, content writing involves long articles that are well-researched to give the reader in-depth information and increase engagement. They improve the image of the brand and turn site visitors into customers by providing relevant information about its products, portraying it as a trustworthy brand.

There’s a difference in the cost too! Although content writing still requires a strategy, it focuses on the big picture rather than a specific emphasis. Because the value is derived from the overall strategy, it generally costs less per project or per word than copywriting. Content writing involves putting together building blocks, following a certain standard to achieve an overall goal. This characteristic makes it easier to write than copywriting, where every word has to be carefully selected to portray the specific purpose of the copy. The more detailed the copywritten work, the costlier it is.

Similarities Between Copywriting and Content Writing

Although there are clear differences between copywriting and content writing, they do have some similarities too. In fact, for any business to succeed, it should involve both copywriters and content writers. As the content writers create content for your website, the copywriters will create pitches that will attract new customers. Both types of writing have a common goal of helping a business create a strong and successful brand. They can both use SEO to attract more visitors and audience.


Although there are significant differences between copywriting and content writing, they are both vital to any brand. While you will need a content writer to inform and educate your audience about your brand, you also need a copywriter to tell your audience why they need your products and services.