Copywriting: Important Elements To Understand

3 March 2020
Important Elements of Copywriting
TextRoyal Blog Copywriting: Important Elements To Understand

Smart, intelligently written content is a surefire way to drive people into your blogs. But more than smart content, the biggest hurdle comes from writing content that not only appeals to your specific audience but one that is also optimized for search engines to comb through.

There are two key ideas about this. First, your content has to appeal to your audience; and second, it has to solve a specific problem. High-quality copywriting can have a profound effect on this. Understanding what the different elements of copywriting are and how to use them effectively is a guaranteed way to not only improve your content but also to get a better ranking with Google's search engine.

Copywriting, What's That?

Copywriting is the art of promoting content with the use of words. The main objective of copywriting is to deliver quality content that covers what your audience wants to know. To do this, copywriters intelligently use words or phrases that are designed to drive your audience towards a particular desired action.

A copywriter is an individual with a high enough creativity skill and the technical know-how to come up with both relevant and exciting content for your audience. At the same time, he or she can do this by knowing which words trigger Google's attention the most. By using the correct keywords and phrases, you can make Google or any other search engine respond favorably to your website, making it rank higher on their database so that other potential new members join your audience.

Important Elements of Copywriting

Since copywriting is a crucial element to take into consideration when designing blogs and promoting content, we have come up with several "good practices" that will help you consistently achieve a good Google ranking.

  • Website Loading Speed

A site's usability and how fast it responds to a user wanting to navigate through it is one of the crucial elements of copywriting. Believe it or not, most readers' attention can be lost in the very first three seconds of arriving on your website. If your website doesn't load up quickly, there's a high enough chance your potential reader won't care and go somewhere else. Since 2010, website speed has become one of the key factors that are being used to rank sites. Sites that take more than two seconds to load up all their content will get ranked lower than those with a faster speed. For this reason, you have to make sure that your website loads up as swiftly as possible.

  • Captivating Headlines

Another essential element that is sure to drive potential readers towards your website is headlines. An excellent headline has the power to convince any potential reader to click on it. You don't want to sound too flashy or clickbaity, though, as that will have the opposite effect and drive potential readers away. What you are looking to do with your headline is that it is attractive enough for a potential reader to click through. It has to be accurate, enticing, catchy, and straight to the point. This is usually a big point of contention because the headline is the first thing a reader will see before they move into your website. By having a solid and attractive title, you'll be making sure many potential readers will click on it.

  • Meta Description

Have you noticed those small tidbits of information that appear in the search results under the link to each respective website? That's a meta description from that website. This is what guides the search engine to understand what your website is about, and then it provides this information to the users so that they can decide whether your site is worth checking out or not. Before writing or publishing anything, you have to make your meta description in a way that keywords reappear on it consistently. A good meta description should be between 150 and 160 characters.

  • High-Quality Content

Undoubtedly, the fundamental part of any blog entry or article online is to have content that is well-written, interesting, engaging, and clear for the readers. Coming up with high-quality content may be one of the most important copywriting elements. By utilizing keywords and phrases that are targetable by search engines, you will be able to get a website's rank increased exponentially. Be careful not to use way too many keywords, as that tends to have an opposite effect. What you want to do is use them in moderation.

  • Amount of Keywords

Initially, using lots of keywords was the norm to get noticed by Google's search engine. Nowadays, not so much. It still retains a high amount of value as an important element of copywriting, but its significance has diminished over time. When new content is being created, it's mandatory to use a certain number of keywords that will be repeated a certain amount of times. This will help you improve your Google ranking in desirable ways. But be careful, you don't want to overstuff your text with keywords, as doing that will lower your website's rank on Google.

  • Sharing Page Links

This is another vital element of copywriting, and it mostly relates to the hierarchy of how your website is organized and linked together. Sharing page links with Google is a key step in organizing all of the information that you have to share. By having your information neatly organized, appropriately linked, and referenced, Google rewards you by increasing your page rank. Also, readers appreciate having a website that is easy to follow and navigate.


As you can see, the important elements of copywriting can be crucial in helping you achieve a high enough Google ranking for your content to be noticed and picked by Google's search engine. By using these elements correctly, you'll be able to increase the awareness of your website and have many potential readers join your audience. This is something that you can do yourself to save money, or if high speed copywriting is what you need, it can be advisable to hire a copywriting expert that can assist you in reaching positive results faster.