Benefits of Investing in SEO Copywriting

4 March 2020
SEO Copywriting
TextRoyal Blog Benefits of Investing in SEO Copywriting

Let’s be real: there is an overabundance of content on the internet. Every day, more and more material gets pumped out at increasingly astonishing rates. This applies to you and your blog directly. If you start a new blog today, chances are nobody will know it exists, nobody will see it, and nobody will interact with it.

The question of the day then becomes, “How can I attract readers?” One way to do this is by answering common questions asked by readers using Google. How exactly you reach out to these readers is another question and requires you to somehow let Google know your blog does, indeed, exist. This sounds great, but there’s one last catch. Unless you’ve invented an entirely new field, there will be countless other similar blogs in your niche, so you will have to stand out somehow. This is where SEO copywriting comes in.

SEO Copywriting Definition

What exactly is SEO copywriting,” you may ask. Don’t be fooled - while it may sound deceptively complicated, it is quite simple. SEO copywriting aims at optimizing your content to attract and benefit potential readers. Abbreviated for Search Engine Optimization, this is done through using specific keywords that would normally feature in a search engine’s box. For example, most baseball players search for ‘baseball knee caps’ as an item they wish to purchase. So to respond to this via SEO copywriting, your blog will be optimized if you use this specific combination of keywords somewhere in your content. This is one essential technique in SEO copywriting, but there are other factors you can consider to make your blog stand out. This includes the following important elements of SEO copywriting:

Other SEO Copywriting Factors/Elements To Consider

Rich Content

You could look at this in different ways. Not only do you need to give readers informative and detailed articles, but you should also consider all possible aspects that would interest them. Going back to the baseball example, you could include the following sub-topics:

Did you spot out how these sub-topics focus specifically on baseball players? This is exactly what search engines crave. In technical terms, it is referred to as “the use of related keywords” which will keep readers continually engaged down the rabbit hole of your blog.

  • How to take care of your health as a baseball player
  • Stunts you should never pull when playing baseball
  • Appropriate dress code for baseball players during the summer


Plagiarism is one of the big taboos in SEO copywriting (and is undoubtedly something hammered into your skull during school). SEO copywriting absolutely does not tolerate any copied content. If you dare to copy and paste other people’s ideas, Google will punish you accordingly by ranking their pages first, causing you to lose out in the great SEO race. Instead, what you should do is absorb the knowledge from other sources and then write it in your own words. And if that is too difficult for you, at least ensure you acknowledge them in your references.


Don’t ever use dense jargon the average reader can’t understand. Good SEO copywriting at its best is easily understandable by everyone - even a kid. You need to write in simple, easy-to-read English. Think about it. If a reader finds your article difficult to understand, they’ll probably leave your blog and go back to the search engine. Google will notice this and attach a high bounce rate on your blog, thus impacting your rankings negatively. So if you want to rank higher, you need to minimize this bounce rate - i.e. to keep your readers reading! Let them scroll down to the last sentence wherever possible, and Google will interpret your blog as an “authoritative” site.

Bottom Line

Irrespective of whether your site is brand new or is an established presence, the rules of SEO copywriting will always apply. Google may change these rules time and time again through its mysterious algorithms, but one unchanged rule is the use of high-quality content. So before you spin some content and latch it onto your blog, wait for a second and think about the top 10 pages on a Google search. One of them could be your blog - the dream of every blogger. So stand out from the crowd and get some quality SEO copywriting as soon as possible!