6 Reasons Why You Need a Blog for Your Business

1 May 2020
Why You Need a Blog
TextRoyal Blog 6 Reasons Why You Need a Blog for Your Business

Is starting a blog for your business on your to-do list for 2020? Or are you still wondering whether you should be starting one at all? Chances are you already have a website in place. You must be asking yourself, “Do I need a blog?” Practically speaking, a blog is a type of website. The most significant difference between a blog and a classic corporate website is the information it contains. A website typically offers official information on the business, which is mostly static. A blog is more dynamic thanks to frequent updates and the content that appears in reverse chronological order, meaning that the newer posts appear first.

The Benefits of Blogging for Business

Blogging is an efficient method of increasing traffic to your business, enhancing marketing efforts, and reaching more potential clients. Statistically speaking, a whopping 84% of companies say that blogging is an essential part of their business. Here are some of the reasons why you need a blog for your business:

1. Establish Authority in Your Niche 

In the blog, you go far beyond listing your products and services as you do on a website. You can add a wide range of relevant information. Let’s say you’re selling hair care products. You can cover diverse related topics such as hair loss, balding, styling, emerging hair trends, and so on. Such well-researched, factual, and relevant information will set you apart as an authority in your industry. Visitors will bookmark your blog as a go-to resource for consistent and reliable information. You’ll be able to convert these readers into paying clients easily, as they’re likely to trust the products in the same way that they trust the information.

2. Enhance Social Media Exposure 

Once you have content that attracts an audience as elaborated above, they, in turn, help spread the information. People are generally quick to share interesting information that they come across. With each update of your blog, you provide fresh information that your visitors can share on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, WhatsApp, Tik-Tok, and so on. With each share, your brand gets exposed to new audiences who could eventually become your clients.

3. Enhance Search Engine Optimization

Up to 80% of all online interactions can be traced back to a search engine. Search engine spiders rank content by locating relevant keywords in the content provided. By incorporating these phrases in your blog, you increase your chances of being seen.

Remember, it’s not enough to show up in the search results; you should also strive towards a high ranking. Only about 30% of people proceed past the first page of the results, so it’s in your best interest to appear on this much-coveted list. Constantly adding fresh content to your blog increases your visibility, and ultimately drives traffic to your site.

4. Enhance Internal Links 

Internal links help users navigate from one page to the other by pointing them to the pages containing particular information on your blog. Using the previously given example of hair care, you can add a link to “Remedies of thinning hairline” on an article on preventing hair loss, for instance. By interlinking several pages, you expose more of your content to more views and shares. Internal links also catch the attention of search engines and improve your ranking.

5. Build an Email Database 

You must have come across sites that blackmail their visitors into signing up before they can access the content. Most people simply leave and search for information elsewhere. A blog gives you an opportunity to employ a better strategy. Once people find information that’s engaging and up-to-date, they readily subscribe so they can stay informed of any new posts. In the process, you establish a solid email database, and email marketing can now be part of your advertising strategy.

6. Build a Community 

A blog enhances interactions with users by allowing them to share their views, ask questions, and even interact with each other. As a business owner, you get reviews about your products, so you know where to make changes, if any. With time you establish a network of people interested in a particular niche. Apart from being your clients, you can engage these people in activities related to your industry. By doing so, you enhance their sense of loyalty to your brand.

Final Thoughts 

“Do I need a blog for my business?” If you came here looking for answers to this question, now you know that creating a blog should be on your priority list. Aim to offer timely and accurate information on your industry. Add fresh content to the blog consistently. Engage with those who consume your content. Blogging should be fun, both for you and for those who interact with your content. Ultimately, the blog should uplift your business in the ways listed above and more.

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