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Writing an effective business email or marketing email takes far more than a keyboard.

Your audience is bombarded with emails. Emails from everybody from their grandmother to their boss. And lots of folks get both personal and business emails funneled into one email account. Possibly hundreds of emails a day. That means you need to do a lot to get a reader’s attention.
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What makes a great email?

First, the subject line. It needs to offer something unique — something of great value that your reader wants to know NOW. Do emoji help? Maybe, depending on the audience you’re targeting. But the point is that you need to be able to convey what you’re offering in very few characters.

Next, a killer opening line. It doesn’t necessarily have to be memorable, but it must make the reader want to keep reading.

Then, you want the body of your email to be appealing. Use plain English; this isn’t a time to show off your grad-school vocabulary. Nobody has time for that! Say what you mean to say, and nothing more. But make it colorful!

Of course, a memorable closing is important too. You want your reader to make a decision, right? To take action - whether that’s replying to you or making a purchase.

Finally, as you probably guessed, your email needs to be written correctly. That means no errors or sloppy language.

At TextRoyal, we craft your emails with strategic care from start to finish.

Not only do our writers have superior writing skills, but each of them brings a unique body of knowledge to the job. If you need to find a new vendor for your HVAC engineering firm, there’s a professional writer who can help you achieve that. If you want to sell vegan cookies to college students, there's a writer for you too.

No matter what message you need to send, TextRoyal can help you send it.

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