Simple and Effective Essay-Writing Tips
Essential Tips for Writing a Great Essay

Essay writing is a bothersome task for most students. If you were ever told your writing style needs polishing, you're in the right place. Our essential essay-writing tips will make the process easier and ensure your essay hits the mark.
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It may sound crazy, but writing essays can be a lot of fun. They're an opportunity for you to showcase your personality and sometimes your opinions in your school assignments. And they're a great way to learn various communication skills. Yet if you're like many students, you dread churning out essays.

TextRoyal is here to make essays completely painless for you. Whether you follow our essay-writing tips or hire us to write your essay for you, you'll be on your way to better grades in no time.

Help me write my essay: essay-writing tips for students

It's inevitable: In your school career, you're going to have to write several essays. If you're brave enough to go it alone but just need some help getting organized, here are our best essay-writing tips.

Know your essay type

Teachers routinely assign several types of essays to enhance your learning process. You can find long lists of narrow essay categories, but here are the four broad ones:

  • Descriptive essay: This essay doesn't necessarily have a beginning and end, or a plot like a story (see "narrative essay") does. Instead, in a descriptive essay, you use your words to bring a thing, a scene, or a memory to life for your reader. You're just practicing using language to create a picture in someone's mind.
  • Expository essay: This type of essay is all about facts, which is why it's also known as an informative essay. Your assignment might be to compare and contrast two things, or to tell the reader how to do something. This is a balanced, logical essay that's devoid of your own feelings.
  • Narrative essay: A narrative is a story. A classic example of a narrative essay is "What I Did During My Summer Vacation." Older students are assigned more profound or complex narrative topics.
  • Persuasive essay: The persuasive essay is an attempt to convince the reader of your opinion on a topic. Persuasive writing is a key skill in many careers: politics, speechwriting, journalism, and many others. Persuasion also comes in handy in everyday life, such as when negotiating a raise at work or a price on something.

Once you've determined which of these categories your essay assignment falls under, you'll be more confident about proceeding with your writing.

Write an outline

Now, don't freak out. We don't mean the formal outline you learned about in English class, with Roman numerals and capitalized headings. Think of this outline as the outline of a drawing: It shows the basic form of what you're going to fill in later.

So, to outline your essay, all you need to do is write one topic sentence where each paragraph will go. Most academic essays can follow the five-paragraph format: an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. So, write a sentence that covers each one. Then later, after you've given your essay more thought, fill in the blanks and presto! You're done!

Find supporting quotes

When you're doing research for your essay, make note of anything you read that stands out as particularly relevant for your topic. You can either rewrite a quote in your own words and add a citation, or insert the quote itself into your essay.

You'll want to do this sparingly, as a wall of quotes doesn't constitute an original paper. But adding a quote or two to your essay will certainly help fill out those empty paragraphs and solidify the point you're making.

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