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Affiliate program

Join our affiliate program and earn 10% from sales.

Invite customers to use TextRoyal.com transcription service.

Get a 10% lifetime affiliate commission on the business generated.

Earnings accumulate in your TextRoyal.com account.

Withdraw your earnings to your PayPal account anytime.

Invite as many people as you want.

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The earnings are credited to your TextRoyal.com account and they accumulate there. You can request a funds transfer to your PayPal account anytime. There is no minimum limit on the withdrawals. The funds are credited to your PayPal account within 1 business day of the transfer request.


You can invite anyone as long as they are not already registered with TextRoyal.com. Please do not spam people with invites. We take spam reports very seriously and it might lead to account suspension.


With our Affiliate Program you can recommend our Writing Service to customers by sharing your affiliate link and/or embedding the affiliate widget on your blog/website. The link/widget has special codes in them to track who visited our website from it. If any of those visitors proceed to order transcripts on TextRoyal.com then you will be paid an 10% commission for it. The commission will be paid when the writing service are delivered will be applicable for each order placed.