Why You Should Never Use Article Spinner Software

21 July 2020
Article Spinner Software
TextRoyal Blog Why You Should Never Use Article Spinner Software

Most writers have heard about article spinners, especially those who have been in the industry for a while. The discussion around rewriting has been very controversial and for a good reason. But what is an article spinner software to begin with? It is a software that rewrites old information to provide synonyms for all or most of the words so that the meaning is not lost, but the data instead becomes somewhat new.

All you need to do as the writer is copy and paste the article that you need to rewrite, click on the “spin” button, and wait for the outcome. Once the software is done spinning, you can copy-paste the article to your desired blog or website. The primary aim of using an article spinner is to reduce the blogger’s or writer’s workload so that the time required for research on the article is significantly reduced, and the production of content goes on.

The Downsides of Using Article Spinner Tools

Although some people might not agree, article spinner software is not a great use of technology, and you’re going to see why. To start us off, the software makes modern-day writers inherently lazy. Using old content that was genuinely created by a previous writer and rewriting means the research part of producing the content is almost completely lost.

Additionally, readers do not gain anything by reading your articles as there is actually no new content that you’re providing them. Your readers will undoubtedly begin to detect that your website no longer offers fresh and original content, and will eventually stop viewing your site altogether as it will be a waste of their time.

When it comes to school and education, using material from an article spinner is a form of plagiarism. If you are a student, you should take this matter seriously, especially when it comes to handing in your term or research papers. You could just as easily end up getting penalized for plagiarism.

Free article spinners are often not as thorough as the premium ones, meaning that the spun content coming from them may often be hard to understand. When the spinner software looks for synonyms of each word in an article, the topic’s context may be lost, and even worse, phrases used in the original article may not make sense anymore.

Another common flaw of using a free article spinner is that homonyms (words with multiple meanings) lose their purpose in the spinning process. A great example of this is the term “date” originally used to refer to a fruit. It can be spun to “period,” making it lose its meaning as it now relates to time. 

Direct and subtle synonyms are the best for use, but when finding a direct synonym is not possible, the meaning of the word and, consequently, the sentence is lost.

The software also spins direct speech, which is out of the question when quoting someone’s actual words. Spin rewriters utilize artificial intelligence that is significantly inferior to that of mainstream search engines. Therefore, websites that have a preference for rewriting their articles using such technology are likely to fall behind those that provide original content.

Nothing Beats Original Content

There isn’t any tangible benefit of using a spin rewriter as far as content creation of any kind is concerned. Although the spun articles may fool plagiarism applications, this won’t continue for long: technology is evolving every day. Most people are aware of this trick that is continually robbing us of the creativity we possess and love.

Harnessing the creativity we own is much easier than it may seem. The more organic and creative the content is, the more relatable it becomes for the reader who is, in fact, your direct consumer. At TextRoyal, we have a diverse team of seasoned writers who’ll ensure that your content stays fresh and relevant.