Making Cents With Google AdSense

5 August 2020
TextRoyal Blog Making Cents With Google AdSense

If you’re looking for a way to make some extra cash, there’s plenty of opportunities on the internet. While many “make money now” offers turn out to be scams, there’s one creative way to make some coin, with ads. Using Google AdSense is a quick and easy way to monetize your content and get rewarded for your hard work. With these tips, you’ll soon be earning a passive income doing what you love.

AdSense Basics: Getting Started

Making money with AdSense is a reasonably straightforward process. The primary requirement is a website, which you probably already have since you are reading this article. Then you begin by signing-up for the Google AdSense program. The registration involves submitting your website URL, and a valid e-mail address; nothing too complicated.

Picking Prime Ad Placement

You have control over the placement of ads on your website, including the type and size of the displayed advertisement. Ads displayed more prominently have higher chances of being noticed and thus clicked on by the viewer. However, if an ad is too intrusive or obnoxious, users might ignore or even block your ads. It would be best to maintain a balance between ads and user experience. After all, viewers ultimately come to your website for your content, not for your ads.

Google offers several different ad types you can choose from to fit your website’s style. Ad styles range from dynamic and animated, to simple boxes and banners. Google also offers responsive ads that automatically adjust their size and position to fit your website design and adapt to the viewers’ device screen. 

Another option is to choose auto ads from your Ad Control Panel. Google automation will analyze your website’s pages and try to determine the best ad-type and placement for advertisements. The success of auto ads varies depending on each site’s design. Still, you have the option to run a test before committing to anything.

Engaging Press is Key to Success

The next thing you need is useful, exciting content - new articles, stories, and information that keep readers coming back time and again is vital. In the world of Google advertising, views are king. The more traffic your website has, the more eyes see the ads. Each time an ad is viewed on your website is an “ad impression.” In turn, each impression is a chance for an advertisement to be clicked.

Every time someone clicks on an ad, you get a small bit of monetary compensation. It is imperative to never click on AdSense ads on your site for any reason. Clicking your ads is a violation of the AdSense terms of use, and there are ways to track such abuses.

So how can you encourage other people to click on your ads? Three ways: content, content, content. You need content that people want to read, and that never gets stale. Creating a continual stream of fresh content is often most demanding for website owners. Even if your website is about your favorite hobby, or the latest news, writing quality articles can be quite challenging. However, there is a solution to the desert of dry content, which is where TextRoyal comes in. 

At, you have an entire team of professional writers at your disposal. Present your idea, and our expert content creators will get to work, crafting textual masterpieces that hook your readers, leaving them wanting more! With prices starting as low as $0.03 per word, you can’t go wrong. The value gained from garnering a loyal readership is priceless!

A Perfect Solution for Passive Income

With Google AdSense supplying the ads and TextRoyal supplying the content, you have an easy turn-key solution to generate income with basically no effort involved! It’s time to stop waiting and start letting your website pay for itself. Let us help you tap into the most valuable resource you have: your readers.