How to Write Product Descriptions That Sell

6 August 2020
Product Descriptions That Sell
TextRoyal Blog How to Write Product Descriptions That Sell

Customers are always looking for products that will perfectly solve their problems. Some may know what they want, but a vast majority are usually willing to be convinced to try something they've never tried before. All these searches surmount to finding the perfect answer to their problems. So how can you win over such people to try out what you’re selling? It' simple - by having compelling product descriptions that sell your goods to your targeted audience. 

What Is a Production Description?

First impressions are everything! This adage has never been more accurate as it is when it comes to marketing. A product description is the copy you list on your packaging mentioning how the consumer will benefit from using your products. The sole purpose is to inform and compel the customer to buy your products immediately. Is there bad copy? Yes, there is. Bad copy entails having too much or too little text, or descriptions that leave the potential customer feeling confused and unconvinced. 

In marketing, a lack of clarity can cost you a fortune. As you may know, it’s impossible to sell a product if the consumer feels like they don't understand it. What you need is a self-explanatory product description. For you to create persuasive copy, you will need to answer the following questions:

  • What problems will your product solve?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • How does the consumer benefit from using your product?
  • How do you make your product sell?

What Problems Does Your Product Solve?

A good product description should elicit emotion from the consumer. It should list down the problems that the consumer is facing, and how using the product will help solve them. Whether the potential client is aware or unaware of said problems, your product description's responsibility is to educate them. So how do you do this? By writing in a relatable language and filling any gaps the consumer might have. Here's a perfect example:

  • “Are you looking for a heel you can walk in all day without any discomfort? Day Heel is your answer. This ballet-inspired silhouette comes with a rounded toe, an elasticized back for comfort, and a walkable 2-inch block heel."

Who Is Your Target Audience?

Knowing your target audience is key in any business. You’ll need to know their age, gender, location, interests, education level, etc. This crucial information will help you understand their characteristics and what is befitting or valuable to them. It will also help you determine the tone and language you use with them. A product meant for consumers aged between 9 and 13 should be described differently from that directed to young adults between 19 and 25. Why? Because the latter group will want to be disassociated with the former group and identify instead with a more mature group. As for the pre-teens group, it's the parents that you will want to draw in, while still maintaining a good rapport with the kids.

  • Pre-teens: “This Nimo Bikini consists of a top and bottom made of soft, stretchy fabric for maximum comfort. The crop top comes with halter straps and matching floral bottoms perfect for the pool and ocean.” 
  • Young adults: “Looking to slay this summer? Rock this Nimo Camouflage Bikini and turn heads wherever you go! Designed with a double layer to make you feel comfortable yet still sexy.”

Product Benefits to the Consumer

The product description section provides the perfect avenue to share with your audience all the qualities of your product. Knowing your target clients' age group and needs will help you use the appropriate language to discuss the benefits of using your products. For instance, young adults are highly focused on appearances and acquiring the latest fashion industry products. Mature adults, on the other hand, understand value. Below is a description of workout clothes for two different age groups.

  • Young adults: “Yogee leggings are perfect for hot and sweaty workouts. Their sheen finish makes them ideal for the gym and a hot date. These leggings come in 14 different colors to match all your favorite clothes and keep you looking trendy.”
  • Mature adults: “Yogee high-waist leggings have minimal seams to give you minimum chafing and maximum comfort. The back boasts tiny perforated holes to improve airflow and breathability as you exercise. The fabric is soft and fits like a second skin.”

How to Make Your Product Sell

When it comes to making killer sales, creative product descriptions can go a long way. Once again, knowing your target audience will help you a great deal. Your audience needs to feel like they can relate to the visuals and text. For instance, you can't use a female model for marketing male products, as this is a grave mistake that will confuse your audience. You will also need to keep your text short and precise. Below is an example of using an excellent product description writing to entice your customers:

"Are you looking for the perfect skincare routine? Look no more. L’Royale is a lightweight gel-cream, containing the Holy Grail ingredient: hyaluronic acid. L’Royale is a heavy hitter that will leave your skin feeling sensationally soft, fresh, and firm. Our lab tests have proven that L’Royale boosts skin elasticity by 40% and hydration levels by 50%.”

The Ultimate eCommerce Solution 

If your products don't fall under the categories mentioned above, you can make some exceptions to these rules. If your product name is catchy and easily identifiable with the product, you're even closer to making sales. At TextRoyal, our expert copywriters will help you create attractive and captivating product descriptions tailored to accurately describe your products and impress your clientele. For more information, get in touch with us today!